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Guide: Parenting Styles – Definition & 4 Types

Guide: Parenting Styles – Definition & 4 Types
December 20, 2019

Every parent is different and so are their parenting styles; however, there can be several common points and similarities in parenting styles too. In this article, we shall discuss four types of parenting styles; read to find out where you fit in the range.

In modern times the parenting styles commonly used are based on the work. Parenting is one of the most crucial aspects when we discuss the growth and development of any individual. If we start discussing one of the most interesting things about parenting, it will indeed be about the great variation in the ways we raise our children. You might be having a different style of parenting whereas your siblings might trust some other kind of style. Still, a lot of commonalities and similar factors can be present in the parent styles of different parents. In fact, there is a lot of similarity in the parenting styles and hence researchers have tried to group parents into four common styles of parenting.

Parenting style means the combination of strategies that are used by parents to raise their children. Below mentioned are the names of four parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian
  • Permissive or Indulgent
  • Uninvolved
  • Authoritative

These parenting styles differ from each other on various parameters like communication, discipline style, expectations and nurturing.

Let’s discuss these styles in detail.

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parents set high expectations as they are quite reasonable and nurturing. Children raised by parents following this parenting style are self-disciplined and motivated. Such children know how to take initiatives. This style of parenting is the best one for children. In this kind of parenting, discipline rules are very clear and logical. Communication between parents and children is not only frequent but also suitable for children’s level of understanding. Of course, expectations of parents are high but communication about the expectations and goals is quite clear.

Authoritative Parenting- Amberlay Preschool
Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parents are thought to be disciplinarians. Such parents are very strict and leave very little scope for negotiation. Punishment is a common ingredient of this parenting style. Communication between parents and children is not very good as the flow is most of the times ‘one way’, i.e. from parents to children. Parents don’t believe in explaining the rules. Expectations of such parents are very high and impractical too sometimes and hence the nurturing is very less.

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are also called Indulgent parents as they allow their children to do whatever they want to. Such parents often don’t interfere with the activities of kids and offer very less guidance and limited direction to them. Such parents are more like friends to their children. Their discipline style does not have even a pinch of strictness and such parents don’t believe in imposing rules on their children. They also want their children to figure out the solution to their problems in most of the cases and don’t like to interfere. Communication between such parents and children is mostly open but instead of giving directions and issuing orders, such parents want their children to take decisions on their own. Such parents are nurturing and warm. They don’t even have high expectations from their children.

Uninvolved Parenting

Uninvolved parents are known to give a lot of freedom to their children and usually choose to stay out of their way. Some parents consciously decide to opt for such a kind of parenting whereas others are unsure or least interested in parenting. As is very clear from the name itself, in this type of parenting style the parents don’t choose any particular type of discipline style. Such parents let their children do whatever they want because they have least information or they are least bothered about their children. Least communication is a specific character of this type of parenting and such parents have least or practically no expectations from their children. Uninvolved parenting offers very little nurturing to children.

Which Parenting Style is Perfect?

Parenting style is something that involves a lot of abstract elements and it’s impossible to measure and then try to fit in any of the given four parenting styles. Normally we opt for a mix of all four parenting styles for raising our children. You can consider the four styles as a continuum rather than four different ways of parenting styles. Children go through different stages and phases of their life and every stage or phase requires a different type of style. We normally think about these phases and expectations of our children from us while parenting. Normally it has been seen that if one of the parents is authoritative, it brings better results for them. Influence of the peer group too quite visible and effective on a child.

Whatever the style is, we must ensure that our focus is the betterment of our children so that they turn out to be better people who are able to take their decisions in life.

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