About Us

Amberlay Preschool Kids - Kharghar

Nurturing and Educating is our Goal!

We aim at fostering children’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and linguistic development. Creative imagination peaks during preschool and drops when they start formal education / schooling. Nurturing young kids’ creative potential is not a frill but it prepares them for life.

Creative and critical thinking is an essential ingredient of our learning process. It involves adaptability and flexibility of thought. We don’t restrict children, and hence they can be future scientists, inventors, artists, musicians, dramatics, innovators, or even troubleshooters.


To constantly work at improving the quality of life for parents by creating caring environments of emotional, intellectual and physical growth for their children.


To facilitate the achievement of the child’s fullest potential by offering a strong, varied foundation thereby aiding them grow into well-balanced individuals.


There are different types of teaching methodologies used in pre-primary schools; among them, most popular methods are – Playway, Montessori and Multiple Intelligence method.

Our curriculum is based on the ideology of Nurturing and retaining the neural connections formed in the first five years of a child’s brain development. We follow the Multiple Intelligence Method to nurture our young ones for their better tomorrow.

Multiple Intelligence method has got an edge, as it first systematically divides all the major intelligence types. This helps in maximizing possible retention and strengthening of neural connections, resulting in a solid foundation engineered for the child’s future success.

kids Brain Info-graphic- Amberlay Preschool