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Amberlay Seven Scale Self-Assessment framework

Amberlay has designed a seven-scale framework of self-assessment to cater to the needs of the growing child.


i) Loving, caring, professional staff

ii) Daily temperature check

iii) Fresh nutritious food ( image: fresh nutritious food)


i) Well-equipped play area

ii) Engaging activities

iii) Field trips and celebrations


i) Pick-and-drop card for parents

ii) Every child accompanied by teacher/didi

iii) Child-proof doors


i)Separate housekeeping staff and didi with different uniform

ii) Separate wash room for kids and staff

Quality Education

i) Qualified, trained and experienced teachers

ii) Well-planned/researched curriculum

Reasonable Price

Pre-school fees should be reasonable and as per services provided

Parenting Partner

i) Transparency – Live-access camera ( Picture of live access)

ii) Effective Communication – Mobile app for effective reach of communication.

iii) Proper Guidance – Appropriate counselling with parents in solving child-related concerns.