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The Multiple Intelligence Methods

Presently there are different types of teaching methodology used in pre-primary schools. Among them most popular methods are the Playway, Montessori and Multiple Intelligence method. As we now know that all these methods’ main aim is to provide as much stimulation as possible, to strengthen and retain the neural connections formed in the first five years of a child’s brain development.

Multiple Intelligence is a contemporary teaching methodology developed in 1983 by Dr Howard Gardner, Professor of Education at Harvard University. He has proposed 8 different kinds of intelligence present in every individual with varying degrees.

Linguistic- Amberlay Preschool


Analysing information and creating products involving oral and written language such as speeches, books and memos.
Logical Thinking- Amberlay Preschool


Developing equations and proofs, doing calculations and solving abstract problems.


Recognizing and manipulating large-scale and fine-grained spatial images.


Producing, remembering, and deriving meaning from different patterns of sound.
Naturalist- Amberlay Preschool


Identifying and distinguishing different types of plants, animals, and weather formations.


Using one’s own body to create products and solutions.
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Recognizing and understanding other people’s moods, desires, motivations and intentions.
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Recognizing and understanding their own moods, desires, motivations and intentions.

As can be seen, the Multiple Intelligence method has got an edge, as it first systematically divides all the major intelligence types. From there, various activities can be designed to give ample exposure to all types of intelligence. This helps in maximizing possible retention and strengthening of neural connections, resulting in a solid foundation engineered for the child’s future success.


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