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Nurturing and Educating is our Goal!

We aim at fostering children’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and linguistic development. Creative imagination peaks during preschool and drops when they start formal education / schooling. Nurturing young kids’ creative potential is not a frill but it prepares them for life.

Creative and critical thinking is an essential ingredient of our learning process. It involves adaptability and flexibility of thought. We don’t restrict children, and hence they can be future scientists, inventors, artists, musicians, dramatics, innovators, or even troubleshooters.

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It’s a start for kids. They are trained to eat, play and sleep. They are made habitual to spend time away from their parents for a few hours.
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We nurture your kids to learn and have fun. They are trained to spend more time in the
preschool and get ready for the next level.
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Your kid gets ready for Grade 1. They are nurtured in a way that advanced learning is
nothing new for them in the next level.

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Our Activities

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Creative Learning

Creative learning is the process of acquiring knowledge and abilities.


To increase self-esteem and mental alertness of child.

Media Access

Usage of proper media to provide your kids the first-hand experience of...


Social learning is based on the ‘Behavior Modeling’ theory.
Educating Children- Amberlay Preschool, Kharghar

We Will Take Care Of Your Kids While You Are Away

Amberlay Daycare provides a protected and encouraging environment for your kids. It’s a 2nd Home for your kids. Most toddlers spend their time with “Caretakers” than their “Working Parents”.

We are managed by committed and experienced management, teachers and staff with strong background in care-giving and early years learning, who personalize the experience to accommodate each child’s emotional, social and intellectual needs and temperament. We love children and so we act like a pro when it comes to taking care of your kids.


How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

Leave your information to get more about our activities and class for your child.

    Meet Our Mastermind

    We have strict criteria when selecting our teachers; they must be native English speakers & highly educated.

    Geetanjali Singh/Chief Nurturing Officer

    Geentanjali is an electronic engineer with over ten years of active experience in challenging organisations – Larsen & Toubro, Reliance and Global Cloud exchange, to name a few.

    Mahendra Pratap/Chief Corporate officer

    Mahendra is a Finance MBA from Mumbai University and has had a decade of experience in IRIS, Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of India as a credit analyst in corporate credit.

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    Thoughts & Insights

    Children mean the world to their parents. We understand that you don’t want to leave a single stone unturned while raising your child. Stay tuned to this section for knowing the best parenting tips, tricksand hacks to give the best nurturing to your children.
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    We Are Valued By Parents

    This pre school is really creating a difference in kharghar. Their dedication onwards child safety, care, cleanliness is outstanding. A must visit for every parent in Kharghar.
    _Govinda Sharma, Client
    I am very satisfied with the way my child is being taken care. Very soon he got adjusted to the school environment and started enjoying in school. As a parent, our experience had been a great one with great facilities and trained staff. Thankful to the dedicated teachers and staff.
    _Veenu Mehta, Client
    Highly satisfied by the warmth and love shown to the toddlers. It was nice to see our son transitioning from an introvert to an extrovert child. Kudos to the management and adulation to the teachers and the staff.
    _Inderjit Bansal, Client
    Have experienced Day care facility at Amberlay, they are very good and do take care of kids properly. Good & cooperative staff. Ensures the issues if any, are resolved & addressed.
    _Trupti Patel, Client
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