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Best Parenting Tips to manage your toddler

Best Parenting Tips to manage your toddler
June 7, 2019

The first time I started managing toddlers, I thought it would be an easy task. The number of challenges that I started facing in the day-to-day life, made me learn and get matured quickly. Since last 5 years, I am nurturing toddlers after a thorough study of their emotions and behaviors. They are fresh and flexible with a sense of independence to learn new things.

I learnt that we cannot just communicate with them in the usual language or direct them by ordering to do something; they will do exactly opposite of your instructions. In some cases you may also observe that they wish to take another way to do something.  It is like if I say “don’t run”, it is obvious that the kid will “run”, as he/she may wish to see what happens if he/she does so. It might be due to curiosity. You can try to use the best ways to encourage and let them handle their task the way they want to but under your guidance.

Let us understand best parenting tips in details:
1. Ignore, it’s just an Early Development Stage:

Your toddlers are at an early stage of development. They may learn slowly and gradually by reiterating behaviors over the period of time. If you observe something bad in them, don’t immediately react to it as they keep this in mind and may repeat it as they observe your unusual behavior due to the same. They may not realize their mistake but may love your unusual reaction that may induce them to repeat it.

2. Show your love to your child

More you love your child, stronger and happier they become. A child is never spoilt by too much love. However, the trouble may arise only when you start giving them things in the name of love and confuse love with over protection, low expectation, leniency or material indulgence. These things are more than enough to spoil a child. Spend time with your child, hug them and listen to their issues
with interest.

These acts make you child happy and they remain calm. When they arre loved, these acts trigger the release of feel good hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and opioids. These hormones make them feel a deeper sense of happiness, calm, contentment and emotional warmth. This act of love will bring your child closer to you and make them a strong personality.

3. It’s time to surprise your toddlers

Make their favorite food, Gift them often or ask them to play. These gestures can be of surprise for them. All these should come at the time when they are literally not expecting it to be. They will be delighted and you can see the reaction. Get engaged with them with small plays that can surprise them as well.

4. Teach them with positive words

Rather than using “NO”, “DON’T”, “CAN’T” while negating their requests or demands it is better to use positive words in a sentence to deny. You should completely ignore such words while communicating with them. Guide them about things they can do instead of stopping them from doing anything. If you want to stop them from jumping on your sofa, instead of saying “Don’t jump on sofa” say “we can sit and rest while you can jump on the floor”

5. Assign them independent tasks

It is an early stage of their development and most of the toddlers love to learn on their own. You should assign some task or make them in charge of the tasks that can be achieved jointly. This will be helpful in building their leadership skills right from the start. Let them not just take the orders but let them learn driving the tasks themselves. If you go shopping, let them find the best piece that they can feel to be fit and you can guide them before making the purchase.

6.Observe their emotions

Your toddlers are very new to the word emotion at this age but they are observing it and learning about it as well in the process. Make a very careful observation yourself and let them know more about the emotions in a more practical way. Let them learn to express their emotions and teach them to express in a nicer way. Even if they are angry they should know that they can express their anger and not hit someone out of their anger. It is very much associated with the way your toddlers learn to share and care.

Your toddler needs proper care, attention, and guidance. They need a well-planned routine to be consistent with their eating, sleeping or playing habit. Stay tuned to know more about parenting tips and we will bring more such reads to help you. In case you are looking for a Preschool and Daycare to take
care of your toddlers in your absence, feel free to reach us at [email protected] / +91- 9819 091 591
/ 9892 219 912

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