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The best gift you can give to your child…

The best gift you can give to your child…
August 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered how exactly you are supposed to play with your little

Do you enjoy playing with your little munchkins? If you are a Mom or Dad for whom playing does not come naturally, this is for you.

Nowadays we live in nuclear family and we are loaded with responsibilities be it household work or professional work. At the same time we want to give our best to our children.

So we are busy in keeping the house clean, making nutritious food for them and the list goes on. Yes, its great to keep the house & their toys clean. Yes, nourishing their little bodies with healthy meal is important, but what about nourishing their heart?

Are you short of time for your kids?
  • “Mamma, can you play with me?”
  • “Papa, lets go for a walk!”
  • “Mamma, see what have I made!”
  • “Papa, will you play football with me?”
  • “May be some time, mamma has to prepare the meal”
  • “How about we go tomorrow”
  • “wait sweetheart, I am in a hurry to finish it up”
  • “sorry baby, I would love to play but daddy is little tired today”
But do you know, what they are really asking?
  • “Mamma, will you spend time with me?”
  • “Papa, am I a priority in your life?”
  • “Mama, I am feeling insecure now, will you spend some time affirming your love for me?”
  • “Papa, I need a friend, will you like me and be my friend?”
  • “Mamma, am I special?”
  • “Is playing with me is as much fun as scrolling through facebook or texting your friend?”
  • “Papa, will you lay a foundation in my life now, so that I can face the world better?”

Remember, everything else in life can wait, but your child won’t stop growing because you were busy.

If you are wondering how to get started playing with your child, just sit on the floor with them. Let them direct your time.

Playing Blocks- Amberlay Preschool
Build blocks with them
Car- Amberlay Preschool
Toy car?
Drive in the toy around the town with them.
Doll- Amberlay Preschool
Play a drama
Crayon- Amberlay Preschool
Color a picture
Book- Amberlay Preschool
Read a story with them

They don’t need expensive toys but they need some quality time to play with them. Actually the best gift you can give to your child is your, time; pamper them with your time, not with expensive toys. They will remember forever, that their dad used to become horse for them, to ride but may forget that you brought expensive toy cars to ride.

However it doesn’t mean you should give away your carrier, life or you should not take out “ME time” for yourself. It just mean that you should not ignore your child when they really need your time. They just need your ten minutes at that very moment, so that they feel secured, loved & special.

They will always cherish this moment throughout their life as, you chose to play with them and they mattered the most for you, so that, you stopped your life for a moment and just loved them.

At Amberlay Preschool & Daycare, we understand the importance of sharing quality time with you kid and hence we have a unique program incorporated in our Preschool/Daycare syllabus “ Our schooling doesn’t end at school” which helps parents to spend quality time with their kids & guides them in proper nurturing of their child.

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