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How to search a good Daycare centre by understanding hidden facts?

How to search a good Daycare centre by understanding hidden facts?
August 14, 2019

There are still many working women who are not able to find a good Daycare centre in their locality and as a result feel guilty that they are not able to give proper nurturing to their kid. Also they get frustrated while unsuccessfully trying to balance their work and kid nurturing needs.

Amberlay as a Pre school and Daycare centre understands their concerns and hence in order to help these working women, we have designed following checklist with their hidden meaning, through which anyone will be able to find a good Daycare centre.

1) Staff sufficiency check

To check this, go straight to the washroom, if it is stinking or messy, avoid this place for your child

Hidden behind the curtain meaning- Usually cleaning the premise once is enough for the Daycare centre to appear clean but maintaining washrooms require frequent cleaning and hence need for more staff. It means a Daycare which doesn’t have clean bathroom shows that they have insufficient staff and hence very likely that they may have less staff for taking care of kids as well, enough reason to avoid this place.

2) Loving/Caring Environment check

while Centre head of the Daycare is showing the premise, observe carefully that whether the kids present there are happy to see her or not. For ex have they rushed to hug her, or are they trying to show her something for getting appreciation etc

Hidden behind the curtain meaning- If kids at the centre are happy to come close to the centre head while showing the centre to you, it shows that she is lovable and caring person. A place where centre head is loving means there is high chance that rest of the staff will be also loving and caring.

3) Transparency check

If the Daycare centre is providing live access facility for parents? If not avoid.

Hidden behind the curtain meaning- Providing live access facility is not just about satisfaction to watch your kid even at work but it also means that the centre should always look presentable all the time. As at any given moment at least any one parent may be watching her kid live. This will be only possible if there are sufficient loving and caring staff. It also shows the intention of the school management that they don’t want to hide anything from parents, which is even more important.

4) Competence check

Avoid Daycare centre which has recently opened within two year.  Avoid even if it is a renowned brand.

Hidden behind the curtain meaning – Any Daycare whether it is branded or new one has to recruit their staff locally. Top management recruits these staff based on their previous work experience but still it’s very difficult to know the nature of staff, whether they are a loving/caring person or not. Generally despite all the good intentions, it requires at least 2 years for a centre to build their team.

5) Other Parent Experience

Ask for contact number of at least two parents who can give true feedback, check google reviews as well.

Hidden behind the curtain meaning – we want to be doubly sure, when it is the question of our kid’s nurturing. Hence first check google reviews that it is consistently given each year. This will help you to understand the trend whether the centre is improving or deteriorating. After that, call at least two parents to double check.

Dear Mothers, with these checklists, we hope you will be able to find a proper place for nurturing your kid, while you are at work and will be able to achieve your fullest potential which you truly deserve.

Amberlay as a Pre School and Daycare supports all working women by providing a proper nurturing place for their kid as every women deserve to achieve their best. We are always there to support this cause and any women who need our help can get in touch by scheduling an appointment by clicking the box below.

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