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Most of the Mothers like you might be on a career break due to Pregnancy, Child birth or Child Care.

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Pregnancy is indeed the most beautiful feeling for a woman. It is possible for pregnant women to work for 2 trimesters with proper care under consultation.

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Child Birth

Every woman needs rest after child birth! You need to nurture the bond between your baby and you in the initial 3 months at least.

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Child Care

The biggest joy in the world is to see your little one growing! Many women take a break from career at this point even after rejoining their job.


Do you really think fulfilling your dream is impossible ?

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Guilt Feeling?

Most of the new moms keep struggling with the feeling of guilt that stems from not being able to be a full-time mom.

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Confusion and Frustration

Even after resuming work, new moms remain confused and frustrated. The toughest question about prioritizing ‘Child or job’ leaves them exhausted and drained out.

Working Women- Amberlay Preschool

Low Efficiency and Self Doubt

Being continuously engrossed about the well-being of her child in her absence, a woman struggles to maintain her efficiency at work. She even starts doubting her own capabilities.

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Pressure from Society

People become judgmental about a woman who is career oriented. After baby, she needs more support, whereas she is left with pressure from every corner.

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